Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hey there everyone!

Wow...its been MORE than a year since I posted on this. I am so sorry the social media thing is SO not my strong suit!

So just a small update. The book is almost done. Yeah yeah I have going for a year....sorry for the long time, life, work, blah blah blah....but I have been writing. Its just way harder than I please rest assuredI am trying to get it out asap. Which leads me to:::

The next album:

This kind of saddens me to say, but unfortunately I will not be able to get to this album until possibly a year from now. I have a lot of things I am trying to take care at once, both personally and professionally. What really saddens me about this though is I have SOOO many ideas that I want to get out. But yet...time and life wears me down...its slowly coming..but I am trying.

One thing I want to say though, I logged into this for the first time in a year and a half to see people are still looking to see whats up on this. That is so cool. I am really hoping that the art hit you in some way! This next album....I feel is going to be way dark...way hurtful. Some may not will be an outlet of sorts for me. So please stay tuned....please!

Talk to you later

P.S. I have the T-shirts, I just havent set up a way to order on it...thanks!!