Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The New AGE- Plans!!!

What is UP?!?!!!

So I looked and realized that it has literally been a YEAR since I posted a blog. Im so sorry, The past year has been hectic. But I wanted to reach out to everyone and let them know what is going on So lets begin!!:::

Sorrowchilde: The Child of Faith and Fate (1st novel)

This is what I am currently working on. This will put all questions about the story line and concept of Aetherfallen into perspective. From Momentous: the Film, to the album itself, a lot will be revealed, and I am truly hoping you love (or at least like) it. I am pushing to make a summer release, but if only I can get it to publishers in time...oy!


A year or so ago, I mentioned T-Shirts. Well all the designs in which I personally loved, was revealed to me later to be NOT, but more for females. No it had no it had no cats. But it has only one of the main characters Jadenia on them, which in MY opinion looks pretty TIGHT, But I am going to make some unisex designs before letting EVERYTHING come to fruition. Hopefully, I can have these done by summer as well. Please tell your friends!

A New Album

Life as a musician is hard, especially when you have to balance life and dream. I am CURRENTLY in the process of acquiring new hardware to build my new home studio....for the next Aetherfallen release! Allthough I already have this planned mentally, I am truly aiming for a Winter of 2016 release. I know, I know thats a long ways away......sadness, but there is a keep reading as the reason is next!

Another Aetherfallen Film going to be hard, but I will be trying my DAMNDEST to get one done. Here is the main issue with this, I am trying heavily to get this to be an ANIMATED feature, rather than a live action. As most f you know I am a large anime fan, and would absolutely LOVE for my concept to go into the anime genre in some way. So I am going to be pushing for this, and as you all know, when I say I will get something done, I always get it done....mad late...but done...HAHAHAHAHA!

Well that's it for now, thank you for your patience, I am trying to get some new covers out this month, so stay tuned, and seriously thank you for your support!!


OH btw:::: just for you I have included one of the T-Shirt designs....would you get this??

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