Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey there,

Its been a while since I gave you an update. Unfortunately right before the release of the album a very large personal tragedy occurred, and I had to take care of that, and still am in the process of healing from that, so I apologize for the lack of being around. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, so stay with me, I am still here. So whats coming up?::

A New Song::

That's right a previously unreleased song, will debut in Dec-Jan! A specific date will be announced the closer we come to those months!!


Around the same time of the debut of the new song, we will have our new T-shirts and Stickers available. Does anyone even DO posters anymore??? LOL.

The Physical CD- Revelation's Eternal (Extended Edition)

We have received a few requests for the cd itself, not the mp3's. Rest assured that approx March next year we will have limited edition CD copies of the album! For those of you that are saying I already have the album, why would I need the CD? Well for 1, the CD will have Extended Dialogue, that NO DOWNLOADED (including PIRATED) COPY If you're not interested in that, then you may be interested in knowing, that this will NOT be just a CD, but a partial book. As you read the synopsis with each song, this time you will be able to literally read from beginning to end, what happened to the couple as the baby is born.....and left behind. This will also be an Exact Chapter out of the upcoming first book. Which leads me to my next reveal...heh:::

The first book: Sorrowchilde- A Child of Faith & Fate

You see it here!! We are announcing the name of the first book!!! We are truly hoping to bring this to you in the next year but unfortunately I cannot guarantee that at this point. This will be the pride and joy of my creations! To be able to visualize everything in my opinion really gives emphasis to the story of the album and the film.

2 New Covers

In Nov. 2 new covers are going to be put up on the you tube (, Of who?...wait and see!

This coming year will be filled to the brim for all of us! I truly hope I am strong enough to pull this off, lol. But with your help I think I can. Please spread the word of the fallen. Underground art, of all styles really dont get looked at enough, and I am so grateful to you all who have taken the time to check us out. For some of us it isnt a dream, it is life....and that's what it has become for me. So please take sometime out, and tell a friend, or post on reddit, or a forum or something about Aetherfallen...or ANY of your fav underground/unsigned artists!! I will talk to you soon, post on the facebook anytime, I write