Saturday, April 20, 2013

Physical Release has been pushed back!!

Hey there Everyone!

Digital Only for now

So, many of you most likely came here from the youtube update....and yes,  it is with a heavy heart that we must announce that some stuff fell through and at this time we do have to push back the PHYSICAL (CD) release of our album. The good news is the DIGITAL release is still on its way! So no stress there we just want the CD to be quite perfect, and due to recent events we cannot produce what we wanted! So to those of you who are waiting for a physical CD be a little more patient, I promise you will get it in in upcoming months. MAY 21st Revelations Eternal DIGITAL!!!

First preview of the album art!

We are going to be releasing the first preview of the album art VERY soon, actually in the next 2 weeks!! Same thing goes for these covers, that I have literally been trying to get out for like a month...I WILL get them out this time! We like the original artistry and portrayal of our story that is depicted with this cover art and feel that once this comes out, you may see the world as we see it. So exciting!!

Album Teaser!!!

Also in 2 weeks...we are putting up a PRIVATE album teaser, sampling ALL the songs of the album! "What do you mean by private?" you ask, well ill tell you. This preview will be exclusive, and only be allowed to view by people who joined our mailing list. "Well how do I join?" SIMPLE!!- Download our EP "Within the Last Breath here:

 and it will ask you for your email....thats IT. We are giving you music to...give you more, so get it and SIGN UP!

I believe that is it. A lot of things are coming so stay TUNED especially on May 21st!!
The new prophecy begins!


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