Saturday, February 9, 2013

Release Announcement & 'Story Mode' details!!

Available for online ordering: Digital Download- May 21st/CD- June 11th!!
Album Release
Wow! Everyone, its been a long ride and a long time huh?!?! I have SO MUCH to TELL YOU! First off, I am sooo pleased to announce to you that we are about to release our very first full length ALBUM!!!! Yes yes yes yes!! This calls for a celebration! So on May 21st will be able to purchase your downloadable copies from the major online independent music distributors/business supporters listed (i.e., I-Tunes, etc) on the poster. If any more are added to the list it will be released on this blog at a future date. Then 2 weeks after the digital release we will have limited amounts of Physical Copies to be shipped anywhere internationally (as long as they allow it, lol) I know, you guys would love to go into the stores and buy this, but unfortunately the industry doesn't deal well with independent musicians (so sad), so if you do have a store in mind that you would like to carry our album, go to THAT STORE a.s.a.p. and ask them to get it in stock when available. And if they don't know us then say, "Oh hell no!" walk out, get a milkshake, regain composure, come back in and give them ANY of our social sites for them to contact us(in that order). More in-depth details on the release as well as T SHIRTS to come in the NEAR future!

Story Mode
A lot of you saw the title, and asked "what in the f^*k" is 'story mode'. Story mode is a big mac with no cheese (Royale w/ no cheese for our UK fans). Im totally kidding.... if you have been following us for a while, then you know that Aetherfallen isn't only a music project, but a concept, a story told in the way of film, literature, music, anything art really. Well, we have been giving updates via this blog AND our youtube. Unfortunately not very many people watch the updates on youtube, so we have decided to do away with them there, and keep the updates HERE on this blog.. There will be one last youtube update in about 2-3 weeks, when we post your voter's choice cover,  regarding everything you are reading now, as well as some personal instances I recently came across that I want to address in detail. 3-4 months after this process, we will be bringing you a new format of Diary Entry, based solely on the story line of Aetherfallen, twisted with real life experiences and current events. I know..that sounds vague, let me say a little more on it then.... I hope you like poetry and/or spoken word?!?!

Thank You
I cant thank you all enough. I know I say it over and over to a lot of you that help me basically every week. You truly don't know how many people don't help(or even want to) in today's world, and are too busy with what THEY want, or have been too hypnotized into believing what is "cool" and "in", to check out something new, or even acknowledge a dream. Sometimes I look at the bleak notion of their world and wonder if I ever belonged. Its truly an honor to have those of you that took the time out to listen, read, follow this project, as it is basically my life. I hope fate offers you much more than I can at the present moment of humanity. You are never forgotten. Feel free to talk to me at anytime, tell your friends PLEASE...and STAY TUNED!!


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