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Hey there,

Its been a while since I gave you an update. Unfortunately right before the release of the album a very large personal tragedy occurred, and I had to take care of that, and still am in the process of healing from that, so I apologize for the lack of being around. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, so stay with me, I am still here. So whats coming up?::

A New Song::

That's right a previously unreleased song, will debut in Dec-Jan! A specific date will be announced the closer we come to those months!!


Around the same time of the debut of the new song, we will have our new T-shirts and Stickers available. Does anyone even DO posters anymore??? LOL.

The Physical CD- Revelation's Eternal (Extended Edition)

We have received a few requests for the cd itself, not the mp3's. Rest assured that approx March next year we will have limited edition CD copies of the album! For those of you that are saying I already have the album, why would I need the CD? Well for 1, the CD will have Extended Dialogue, that NO DOWNLOADED (including PIRATED) COPY If you're not interested in that, then you may be interested in knowing, that this will NOT be just a CD, but a partial book. As you read the synopsis with each song, this time you will be able to literally read from beginning to end, what happened to the couple as the baby is born.....and left behind. This will also be an Exact Chapter out of the upcoming first book. Which leads me to my next reveal...heh:::

The first book: Sorrowchilde- A Child of Faith & Fate

You see it here!! We are announcing the name of the first book!!! We are truly hoping to bring this to you in the next year but unfortunately I cannot guarantee that at this point. This will be the pride and joy of my creations! To be able to visualize everything in my opinion really gives emphasis to the story of the album and the film.

2 New Covers

In Nov. 2 new covers are going to be put up on the you tube (, Of who?...wait and see!

This coming year will be filled to the brim for all of us! I truly hope I am strong enough to pull this off, lol. But with your help I think I can. Please spread the word of the fallen. Underground art, of all styles really dont get looked at enough, and I am so grateful to you all who have taken the time to check us out. For some of us it isnt a dream, it is life....and that's what it has become for me. So please take sometime out, and tell a friend, or post on reddit, or a forum or something about Aetherfallen...or ANY of your fav underground/unsigned artists!! I will talk to you soon, post on the facebook anytime, I write


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lyrics and Synopsis of the songs! (Deeper into the story line)

Thanks to everyone! Revelation's Eternal is out!! Take some time and read the synopsis of the story and what happens with each song. I am honored to release this and I hope you enjoy. I will see you soon!

"Karen's Unknown Pregnant Sister: Child of Fate" -from Momentous: The Film

To begin, you remember "Pregnant Woman" from "Momentous: The Film"? Well her name is Jocelyn, and here begins our main story.  Enjoy!

Listen (Intro)

People begin to fall into chaos as fire literally rains upon different areas all around the world. The rain itself seemed to be of fire, but only burned certain things, and people that had no known correlation with each other. As if this freak instance of nature had a mind of its own or was targeting specific objects, or people. Phillip frantically left work as he saw the turmoil transpiring around him and how much of the world is actually being burned by the rain. He realizes he may not be able to make it home in time to save his wife Jocelyn and their unborn child. He calls her with a plan, to meet her at a church Jocelyn knows very well, but can only leave a message.... “Hey, its me. I don’t have much this place seems to be falling apart. Meet me at the church down the street, and I’ll be there soon. Hurry, go, now!”

I’ll Wait For You
An Important Message/Worlds Apart in Present Danger

Jocelyn receives Phillip's message, and catches a glimpse of the world's turmoil on a television left on in their bedroom. She begins preparing a backpack for fast travel to the church. She stops for a moment to rub her belly, fearing for her pregnancy in the mass confusion as her doctor stated the baby could come at any time now. The couple, although separated geographically, know they will wait as long as it takes to ensure they find each other in this frightening instance of what seems to be the end of the world....

Cannot take away these startled eyes
As we fade away, to darkened skies

Open your arms
The sky is falling, my eyes see right through
Live for me
Ill wait for you

You are my way
That I feel safe
I’ve been, beyond our smiles and grins
The dream, of time’s running out


These cold thoughts are around us, a sentence sought by life’s- destiny
These cold thoughts are around us, a sentence for all time-  meant to be

Ill wait for you, with every breath I own I will
Know my pain, know my heart, and come to me
My side has no other, I need you(x4)
Ill wait for you, with every breath I own I will
Ill wait for you, know my heart, and come to me
Ill wait for you, my side has no other
We’ll seek a way.

Save Your Lights(s.y.l.)
The voices of the unseen vs. the voice of hope/ Prayers of the hopeless

Jocelyn begins her  quick journey to the "safe-haven" she knows  to be the church Phillip spoke of. No matter how fast she walks though she feels a heavy burden. Not of herself, her backpack or of her pregnancy, but of the people around panicking, fleeing and crying in fear. Through her sight, the world around her slows its motion, as if to feel all of their fear and emotion, and know it intimately somehow. She begins to silently pray for them while wrapping an arm around her abdomen, softly embracing her unborn child and quickly heading to her destination. Unbeknownst to Jocelyn, she is being watched by a smaller cloaked figure that is seemingly unnoticed by the unruly crowds....

We all have traveled the same road
We all have made this one in the same
But we have not crossed away hope, and I am holding on
Holding out
Believe or not, this rose has no thorns
This rose is not of the same
Believe or not, this rose has no thorns, it seems unreal
This precious moment, has awakened
The fear of saying, there’s no way out
Our sacrifices made in vein

Im aware, of all of the souls that cry through sin
Im aware, of all who have died to come through him
Save your lights, the innocence will find its way
To which its bound to

It wants to speak
This unborn child, and what it sees
So different, a wonder(x2)
You can not see, what has been giving life
To all of us, one in the same


We’re all to blame
For all the lies
They come and say have faith in you, to feel alive.

For this is my blood, Promise to me that you’ll see this through(x2)

Our saving light
You’ll see, the precious moment that I see, that light(x2) v       

A Plee for Strength in the Oncoming Onslaught/ Realization of Destiny

The church is old and large, and Jocelyn understood why Phillip wanted to meet her here. This place was a very sturdy structure, and a slight bit closer to the road in which Phillip would be taking to come home. "Smart man," she mumbled to herself before proceeding to walk up the short stairs to the church door and walk through. Her eyes immediately focus around the entry way due to sounds of others coming from behind the doors. And her deductions were correct. There was a small crowd of approximately 10-15 people in the church. Trying not to make eye contact, Jocelyn walked through the doors and up the center aisle.  The nature of these people was not known, and she did not want to provoke anything. Some were pacing, some had children, or elders with them and held them close, some prayed. Jocelyn wanted to stay to herself until Phillip came for her, so she walked to the front of the church where the alter was, but slowed her steps in recognizing that there was a body at the alter and it was barely breathing. Upon focusing on the body, it became clear that she knew the body. With tears beginning to fill her eyes, she says out loud "father?" before getting closer to it to affirm her thoughts......

I can see a time
that might have been to you
A time of repeating my tries
To be, To see, To leave

You wont be here
Where the fault lies
I know, you wont be here
But you will see
Where the fault lies
And I know, you wont be there

Life will not strain
Life will now fade
From all of the hatred inside
To feel alive, its now to know the truth
That I will never deny


When everything falls away from you
Would I have fallen away too
Whether you blame a man that couldn’t see
Or forgive a man that went through it all
Throughout all of this pain, you’ll stand
We’ll stand


Mother and Father’s acceptance of  New Life / Life’s Circumstances and Forced Paths(Fatelines)

Her Father had passed as Phillip entered the church looking for Jocelyn. He saw her knelt, crying, in front of a body at the alter and runs to make sure she is ok. "Jocelyn!" he yells as he runs closer. She extends her hands for his embrace. He runs into her arms and begins to help her up. When she is to her feet, she wipes the remaining tears from her eyes as he places his palm against her cheek to comfort her. "Are you ok?!" he asks, curious to what had happened. She closes her eyes softly, and says "He was my Father..." . Phillip's eyes widened as he turned his attention back to the body. He never met her father and knew that Jocelyn and her father were not close, due to his departure from her family at a young age. Phillip closed his eyes and exhaled while grasping Jocelyn's right hand. "We have to go.." he says softly as he reaches for the backpack he recognized as Jocelyn's from a hiking trip they took years before. Quickly the couple walk out of the church into the rain of fire which seemingly does not harm them. Jocelyn, having faith in Phillip's protection, blindly follows where Phillip pulls her, which is in the direction of the woods at the end of the block the church resided on. Phillip noticed that the rain burned nothing of the woods earlier in a gridlock in which he abandoned his car to run to meet Jocelyn at the church.  In making the decision that they may be safer there than in the city, he pulled Jocelyn gently, but sternly to get her to the safety of the woods. But at first stepping into the mud of where the road ends and the woods begin Jocelyn feels something strange, and stops herself from Phillip's tug. "My water just broke.." she says looking at Phillip slightly smiling, but trembling from both fear, and being wet and cold......

Lines will not stray from their course
But lines cannot feel my life or yours
We will not stray just cause, all is lost
Nothing can take me away from you

“I have the will
To take you away from this life”
Though we seem afraid
We’ll hold you forever near

You wont see our world at all
What you will see, is a wave, of motioned inequity
Save your words
So that it seeds in you, to walk away.
What we believed
Is that we wanted to be


I  wont go through this alone
I hope you are right here with me
Never turn away

What we believed
Is what we wanted to be alive

But when the window breaks
and no illusion calls
our sight will show our fate


Throughout the Chaos
Lives Lost for a Worthless Cause/The True Nature of Society

Six hours had passed, and Phillip tried his best. After carrying Jocelyn some ways into the woods  not to be seen or bothered by the hoards of people engorged with mass hysteria in the city, into his own arms came the miracle of life. A baby girl, whose cries awoken with a crack of a piercing lightning strike. Phillip in awe, cut the umbilical cord as he had seen previously on  television and quickly wrapped the newborn in a blanket Jocelyn had packed in her backpack. Jocelyn looked upon their new edition in Phillip's arms amidst the rain, and recognized the miracle that was before her eyes and smiled at Phillp. "What will we name her?" Phillp asked Jocelyn, not taking his eyes off of their new bundle of joy. Little did he know that Jocelyn had a name picked for their newborn ever since they knew of her conception. "We will name her Rose" she said back to Phillip with certainty. Phillip took and instant liking to the name, feeling the name suited their child very well. "That's a beautiful name. Yes, then Rose it is" Jocelyn's eyes began to veer away their precious moment and started to focus toward the city they were only minutes from, and in which they were bearing witness to the burning of prior. Jocelyn immediately started thinking of the panicking people and asked "But how do we survive this?". Her question reminded Phillip of what was happening around them. He raised his eyes in the direction of the city  and replied "I dont know, but one thing is certain, even if we do survive, our world will never be the same..." Jocelyn began  remembering a speech regarding the state of the world, by a man she wrote off to be crazy some time ago. Yelling into a semi-broken mic on the street now what she heard of his words began to make sense....

I come to you today , not as a man, but as a martyr, a victim, to what they told us to be true. Life itself has become meaningless due to those who had the power to deem it so. We did not give them our lives, it was taken from us, along with our freedoms, our children, and our very will to survive. And for what? THEIR wants, and their lust for power, and now this is what has come of all of us. So as I stand before you now, let it be a vision to those who still see, and a word to those who still hear, that on this equal ground stained with the blood of our fellow man, their greed will not go unpunished, and our brothers and sisters will rest knowing, that they will see their assailants soon in the afterlife to do with as they please. Come now, let us show them the new hell that they have created for themselves known as our world. 

Silens Veritas
An Awakening to Reality/ Prayers for the Lost

The couple clean up as best as they possibly can and make their way deeper into the woods, as the further in they get the rain seems to stop. While the two walk they talk intellectually to each other, trying to figure out what possibly could be happening. And the both come to the same conclusion. For all the greedy, hateful, selfish and heinous crimes humanity has committed, this was some force taking its wrath out on the species. They continue to converse about all the signs, and what they took for granted in life. A silent...but definite truth....

Every night I hope for
Another sign to be true
I feel we’ve lost
The call for strength from God
“Bring me to, your grace”     

They say we should see
But what are they showing us?
Of all the pain we feel from them
They say we should go
With what we’ve seen
But I don’t feel the same of them

Every child I cry for
But every time I see their face I lie
I say,  I don’t know, I don’t care,
I cannot see, it isn’t there, it is not the same,
we have to pray, it should not of been this way


I should’ve seen through
Their empty lies
And guilty pleasures
All are not to blame, for this notion
A choice, A choice, of ignorance


The Loss of  The Only One/ Comfort in the Farewells to the Closest  

Phillip and Jocelyn had been walking for what seems like hours and miles. In actuality it had been 4 hours since the baby was born, and they were both fatigued. Jocelyn had been feeling lightheaded for about 2 hrs now, but understood the grave situation the were in and pressed on going forward. Phillip seeing how tired she was held the backpack as well as the baby to keep it warm. Suddenly, Jocelyn collapses.  Phillip dropped the backpack and ran as fast as he possibly could asking "What is it, what's wrong?!"  His eyes search her body for signs of something that could of caused the collapse, or a way to wake her up when he sees what looks like blood soaking her jeans' inner thighs. "Is....Is this blood?" he asks out loud to himself. He looks at her face to notice how pale of a complexion she had. He touched her face concluding an assumption of what was happening. There had to be a complication with the child birth, and she has been bleeding this whole time. Jocelyn barely comes back to consciousness. In the small time that she awoken, she felt she may not have much time left. Her eyes slightly open, as she reaches her hand out to touch the arm of Phillip's in which holds the baby. She looks at Rose,and shifts her sight to Phillip, to smile as best she can. With as much of a voice as she could muster, she says " I will always be with you" her newly created family....the two most important people, that she knows she will now leave behind.....

If I have to watch you fall
I’ll wait for you to willingly
Deny this life, and all its suffering
And seek new paths now
Ill see you soon cause

This Love
Will find a way
Through Distance through Different moons
We’ll meet again
This Love
Will find a way
Through Distance through Different moons

I can’t take the proof
You’ll fall so far away
I’ll wait on, to be with you.
Take my hand
Please, stay with me.(x2)
Don’t fall asleep

Now, If I don’t find away
Now, to save you
Then I will comfort you, through the night
We’ll wait, until the sunrise
We’ll wait here, until the sunrise(x2)
Then we’ll

With all that I’ve been and all that I am
I was made for you, You were made for me
This Love
Will find a way
Through Distance through Different moons
Again(  x2)

I, Alone
Lost in Duality caused by Grievance/The Struggle to Move Forward

Phillip can't bare to have Jocelyn's hand slip away from him. Tears start streaming from his face, all the while getting frustrated at the whole situation. "How could this happen?!" he says angrily, but not loud enough to startle Rose. "We were supposed to do this together....what am I to do now?" he asks to the corpse with a loving expression that lay before him. The woman he had fallen in love for all these years, was now gone. Reality starts to set in. He is alone.  To endure this world. He gets up from the body,  gathers the backpack he dropped, and begins to walk away from the body. While the distance between himself and the body begins to become greater, he begins to wonder....why did it turn out this way?.....

You hold me
But can you feel me?
You mold my way,
Please guide me, now

Life will not be the same
Even when burden’s gone
We will now see a new
Era that’s so Dark
You will not see
What has been growing in spite
The teaching of our soul
That leads us astray


I see through views
Of every mind, that’s in my path
I will not stray
From being strong
You wait, to see
A life that will not be
It’s a lie

You hold me?
But can you feel me?
You mold my way,
Please guide me,
If you touch me
Can you heal me
You’ve known my pain
Revive Me

I know you(x2)
Empty smiles
Bring Empty faces
ill need you no more
No More

Alone I stand, a chosen one
In my own way
Alone  I stand, beside you
In my prayers
Alone I Stand, Alone I’ll fall
Here ill stay
Alone I stand, in my wake

Loving Whispers
The Will to be Heard &The Want to Listen/ Life will never be Lost

Unknown to Philip, Jocelyn's spirit was right in front of him. Jocelyn looked upon him as he walked and cried. Following him, trying to speak to him, trying to comfort him. But to no avail, she could not be heard. She was no longer a part of his plain of existence. She clenched her chest, in a manner of where her heart would be if she was living when she saw something come out of the shadows. It was a smaller girl, a woman, cloaked in a black hood, with green emerald type gems embedded into the leg portion of her boots, and the cuffs on her wrists. The gems' soft light matched the ominous glow of green that emanated from the cloaked girl's eyes. The hooded girl walked towards Jocelyn. Still connected to her human type emotion, Jocelyn was still able to feel fear, and she felt it, with every step the cloaked woman took towards her. Jocelyn turned around to run, and find another way to meet Phillip up ahead through a different path, but as she turned, she turned face to face into the eyes of the small hooded woman. The cloaked woman's eyes glowed a slightly brighter green than before as she quickly reached out to and through Jocelyn's spirit form. Jocelyn looked down at the cloaked girl's arm being directly through her and looked back up at the girl's eyes. The hooded woman gently smiled and looked passed her, and towards Phillip. Jocelyn felt a sensation she never felt before, but somehow knew....she could talk to Phillip. With the cloaked girl's hand still in place through Jocelyn's transparent spiritual body, Jocelyn turned around and spoke in hopes that she would reach Phillip. "Im so should of never been this way...." she says, before completely dissipating into light. Phillip, at this point had stopped walking, and was simply crying. In his ears, he heard what was music, and he did not know why, but it was the most beautiful music he had ever heard. He looked around, and saw nothing. There was nowhere in which this music could come from.  He then knew. He knew why the music was so beautiful to him. He knew Jocelyn was keeping her last words.. .....that she would always be with him and Rose....

Desertion(Shades of the Future)
A Father’s last Will and Testament/The Will to Understand

Still laden with grief, and worried about what the future held, Phillip walked for 3 more hours until he reached a dirt road. At this point it was day break but the sky was filled with ash and debris. It still looked as if it was evening. The rain was still falling in the city, thicker and worse than ever before. It looked like stars were falling from the sky. And Phillip could see it all from this road. He began to walk on the road, when he came upon a tree. He thought to himself it looked like a good place to rest. And so he sat down at the base of the tree facing the spectacle that was the end of the world in his opinion. Tears streaming down his face, he came to the conclusion that he must be strong, if not for himself, then for Rose. He looked at her, and starts to softly rock her. Phillip had been so taken by this whole ordeal his natural sense of danger had been lessened. He didn't notice the sound coming from the bush next to the tree. He also didn't notice that the footprints in the dirt road, were still whole., in other words, recent. There was someone nearby. A frightened individual that was willing to do anything to survive this Hell on Earth, and had the means of doing it. A gun. The man was hiding in the bush in wait for someone to come, so he could take their food without having to go into the city where everything was burning. He was already damaged physically and mentally by the rain of fire to the point of pure apathy. He just needed someone or something to give him what he needed, an opportunity to take what he wanted. This individual, heard the rustling of a bag, and the sound of a voice, and the sound of what seems to be a baby, nearby on the same dirt road he had recently fled on. The man thought to himself, if the person he hears has a bag and a baby...he must have food. Slowly the deranged man crept up to the voices and sounds he heard. He quietly pulled his body up to the opposite side of the tree in which the voice of the person and the baby came from. He took out his gun and got ready for what he had to do. Phillip looked at Rose and smiled. He made funny faces to lighten the mood and show Rose that nothing was wrong completely unaware what sat right behind him. In a way, he was trying to convince himself that nothing was wrong as well. Phillip looked at Rose, and said " Everything will be OK, don't worry. It's just you and me now" At that very moment, a loud bang, like a gunshot rang through the air that cause Rose to cry loudly. Phillip felt a very sharp pain, in the left side of his chest as he gasped for air. In much pain, he saw a figure come up from behind the tree in which he was sitting by and take the backpack in which Jocelyn packed earlier. Phillip was scared, more scared than he ever was in his life. he grasped Rose tightly.....he was scared of what would happen to her. But the man only ran off with the backpack. Because Phillip had come from work, when this whole ordeal began, he had his address book and a pen in his pants pocket. With blood leaking from his chest, he took out the address book, now stained from the blood on his hands, and began to write.....a final note to his daughter...for whoever may find her....

And I can now feel the wind
It picks me up
To carry me home
You’ll see these lifeless others
That wait for you,
As they’ve waited for me
Tonight, you will not see me
As you fall asleep
You will receive my love from
Beyond the grave

Timeless wonders,
The key to holding in,
This strange dark road 
The strange road that lies within

Do not reach to another
To get a sense of lost reality
This strange this dark haunting road
Will be with you, until your dying day

Timeless wonders, To fill our sight
The key to holding in, this place so cold
This strange dark road  in which we look for a light
The strange road that lies within
this life will be distain
Can we stay this way?  Her life’s so short?
With all these words that  cloud my feeble mind
Of “you and I” fading away….
My life is over

Take me home
To meet the maker
And please forgive me
For leaving you here
I love you, so

Our Debut Album: Revelation's Eternal
Purchase at any major online music dealer!

                                                                                                                                     The End?
Phillip dies leaving Rose behind. A newborn left all by herself in what seems to be the end of the world. Amidst the wind, the small hooded woman appears again. This time, it seems that she is able to be seen as the newborn instantly looks in her direction. The cloaked woman, bends down and takes the baby, from her dead father ever-loving grip. She looks into the eyes of the baby, and says "You must come with me now. For this time, if all remains on course....this world, will be through your light..." as she covers the baby Rose to keep her warm, and begins to walk away....into the wind and away from the burning city....


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Physical Release has been pushed back!!

Hey there Everyone!

Digital Only for now

So, many of you most likely came here from the youtube update....and yes,  it is with a heavy heart that we must announce that some stuff fell through and at this time we do have to push back the PHYSICAL (CD) release of our album. The good news is the DIGITAL release is still on its way! So no stress there we just want the CD to be quite perfect, and due to recent events we cannot produce what we wanted! So to those of you who are waiting for a physical CD be a little more patient, I promise you will get it in in upcoming months. MAY 21st Revelations Eternal DIGITAL!!!

First preview of the album art!

We are going to be releasing the first preview of the album art VERY soon, actually in the next 2 weeks!! Same thing goes for these covers, that I have literally been trying to get out for like a month...I WILL get them out this time! We like the original artistry and portrayal of our story that is depicted with this cover art and feel that once this comes out, you may see the world as we see it. So exciting!!

Album Teaser!!!

Also in 2 weeks...we are putting up a PRIVATE album teaser, sampling ALL the songs of the album! "What do you mean by private?" you ask, well ill tell you. This preview will be exclusive, and only be allowed to view by people who joined our mailing list. "Well how do I join?" SIMPLE!!- Download our EP "Within the Last Breath here:

 and it will ask you for your email....thats IT. We are giving you music to...give you more, so get it and SIGN UP!

I believe that is it. A lot of things are coming so stay TUNED especially on May 21st!!
The new prophecy begins!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Release Announcement & 'Story Mode' details!!

Available for online ordering: Digital Download- May 21st/CD- June 11th!!
Album Release
Wow! Everyone, its been a long ride and a long time huh?!?! I have SO MUCH to TELL YOU! First off, I am sooo pleased to announce to you that we are about to release our very first full length ALBUM!!!! Yes yes yes yes!! This calls for a celebration! So on May 21st will be able to purchase your downloadable copies from the major online independent music distributors/business supporters listed (i.e., I-Tunes, etc) on the poster. If any more are added to the list it will be released on this blog at a future date. Then 2 weeks after the digital release we will have limited amounts of Physical Copies to be shipped anywhere internationally (as long as they allow it, lol) I know, you guys would love to go into the stores and buy this, but unfortunately the industry doesn't deal well with independent musicians (so sad), so if you do have a store in mind that you would like to carry our album, go to THAT STORE a.s.a.p. and ask them to get it in stock when available. And if they don't know us then say, "Oh hell no!" walk out, get a milkshake, regain composure, come back in and give them ANY of our social sites for them to contact us(in that order). More in-depth details on the release as well as T SHIRTS to come in the NEAR future!

Story Mode
A lot of you saw the title, and asked "what in the f^*k" is 'story mode'. Story mode is a big mac with no cheese (Royale w/ no cheese for our UK fans). Im totally kidding.... if you have been following us for a while, then you know that Aetherfallen isn't only a music project, but a concept, a story told in the way of film, literature, music, anything art really. Well, we have been giving updates via this blog AND our youtube. Unfortunately not very many people watch the updates on youtube, so we have decided to do away with them there, and keep the updates HERE on this blog.. There will be one last youtube update in about 2-3 weeks, when we post your voter's choice cover,  regarding everything you are reading now, as well as some personal instances I recently came across that I want to address in detail. 3-4 months after this process, we will be bringing you a new format of Diary Entry, based solely on the story line of Aetherfallen, twisted with real life experiences and current events. I know..that sounds vague, let me say a little more on it then.... I hope you like poetry and/or spoken word?!?!

Thank You
I cant thank you all enough. I know I say it over and over to a lot of you that help me basically every week. You truly don't know how many people don't help(or even want to) in today's world, and are too busy with what THEY want, or have been too hypnotized into believing what is "cool" and "in", to check out something new, or even acknowledge a dream. Sometimes I look at the bleak notion of their world and wonder if I ever belonged. Its truly an honor to have those of you that took the time out to listen, read, follow this project, as it is basically my life. I hope fate offers you much more than I can at the present moment of humanity. You are never forgotten. Feel free to talk to me at anytime, tell your friends PLEASE...and STAY TUNED!!