Sunday, December 16, 2012

Momentous: The Film (synopisis)

"Karen's Breakdown" from Momentous: The Film

A young girl named Karen seeks mental refuge in a church, due to a situation she has been enduring since as far back as she can recall. She has "delusions", at least that's what doctors have always called them, even though she never felt she was sick as a child. However, throughout the years of growing up, medications had been given , therapy and support groups had been tried, as well as other drastic options to attempt to relieve the turmoil, but nothing seemed to quell the sights or sounds haunting her. Constantly being referred to as "sick" and  told "it's in your head", that finally, at a point in her life, she came to believe it for the most part. As a last resort, Karen decides to a visit a place from a childhood memory, where she remembers a time of solace in which she believed in herself. A church, and it is here, that she will learn her destiny.....that sometimes, despair can mean so much more....
                                        Momentous: The Film
                                 Premieres on YouTube on Dec. 21, 2012

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