Sunday, November 18, 2012

Anime MV Contest

What's up!!

So those that know me know I am a very large fan of ANIME!! As I am so obsessed, I love to watch anime music videos, cause it shows people's interpretation for a story of a song, or of a character, or of an anime. If there is anything I love almost as much as anime, is Jennifer Anniston...wait...that's not right..LOL, is people's display of reality through passion and imagination. That is actually what Aetherfallen is all about. SOOO, what we have decided to do is have a contest on who can create and sync up the greatest, most epic, most emotional, most...(I have nothing else)...nicest (really?!)...Anime music videos to one our newest songs. What song you ask? Well stop here and read the previous 1yr Anniversary blog.....(afterwards) Yes that's right you are going to be making an anime music video for our new song, to be released on DECEMBER 21st!!  Here are the details::

For the next 2 weeks we will be accepting registration. All ages can participate! To apply send an email to:
Please include the following (just copy and paste if you like):

Subject line must read- "AMV Application"

Your Legal Name

Your Age

Favorite Anime and Why

Your Email Address

How you heard about the contest

Please Note: For this contest to take place we need AT LEAST 20 participants, so tell everyone!!

There will be 2 winners And YES there are PRIZES!! :

1.Aetherfallen Choice Winner- Prize: Your choice of an Anime Movie or Season up to a $50 value!! (must be anime, sorry)

This will be my personal pick. Here's a hint, I love power ups, magical spells, and emotional animes!!

2.Voters Choice Winner- Prize:$100 dollar Visa gift card, that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted! 

We will have a vote at a designated web location (either facebook, or somewhere else which will be released in due time) where you can tell ALL your friends and family to come vote for you!! The most votes wins!!

So there you have it!! 2 chances to win!! Tell everyone, cause this cannot start until we receive 20 accepted applicants. When you apply please allow 48 hrs for a response regarding your acceptance into the contest and futher instructions. Each application will count as one person's entry. YOU CAN ONLY APPLY ONCE!! Any foul-play (fake multiple entries, cyber bullying, belittling of another's video, etc) will result in a disqualification. Play nice and fair or dont play at all!!

         And that's it let the games begin any questions write us on any of our social sites listed below!!
                                                           Good luck to ALL OF YOU!!!


1yr Anniversary: Where We Are

Hey Everyone!

The Bad News
So its been a while since I gave you all a proper update. First off let me say the responses as of late are phenominal! Thank you all so much for the well wishes and heart-filled compliments, it means more than you know! Well so first for the bad news right? As you all are here and now you have probably seen the update on our you tube. Due to a few discrepancies, we unfortunately have to post pone our album relase, until next year. It hurts to have to tell you this, cause we had a big blowout thing..for December's release, as you know its the prophecy of the end of the world. But we do have to post pone it though. And from what we are seeing the new approximate month should be March. I am not one for going back on words, so this whole ordeal is irritating. I humbly apologize for this large delay, BUT it definitely is for the best! I guarantee to keep you all up dated as soon as I know.

Next- The Good News
Although we have to push the release of the album back, we however did NOT push the release of our short film "Momentous" back. In fact, we have an exact date for this, and it IS DECEMBER 21st!! There has been some slight changes to this great release though. This short film was supposed to be the music video for the song "Momentous" this will no longer be the case. As all of you know this project is, and always will be, an AUDIO-VISUAL project. So even though music is at its core, this story can come from any aspect, whether it be a movie, short film, music, book, pictures, ANYTHING. Momentous: The Short Film,  is going to be a part of this story still, and still has to do with the portion of the story that the actual song has to do with, but with detail to portraying the elements of the characters themself. What does this mean?....we didnt want to make this a music video and cut out all the good parts that make this short film This Short film will be hosted on our Youtube channel, unless something changes. Stay in-touch as I would definitely let you know IF something changes. I cannot WAIT until the 21st to show you this piece of work, of course that is...if the world does not end.

In light of the album push back, a few things are going to be taking its place in time. One, of course as mentioned before, is the short film. But something else is happening that day that I believe a lot of you will be as happy as I about. Want to guess? probably guessed it....a new song!!! Thats right on Dec 21st a new song RIGHT OFF of our debut album Revelation's Eternal will debut! This song will NOT be avaiable for download though, it will only be available on the album itself! We will be announcing the title of this song at a later date, namely 2 weeks! SO make sure you are hooked up to us via a social site (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc) so you can keep up to date with what's going on! Along with this song we have a contest where you can actually win money and it starts right NOW! If you want more info on this, check the following blog entry entitled Anime MV Contest! a lot at once huh?!?! That should be it until next time!! Keep in touch!! Meowsers, cyas!