Friday, September 14, 2012

Download "Within the Last Breath" for FREE!!!

SO some questions have come in about how to download our EP for free?!? Well::

1. Go To

2. Click "Buy Now" or "Digital Album"

3. When it asks: "How much are you willing to pay" you can place "0" here. (If you can though, donate any funds towards the music that would be greatly appreciated, as music isn't free. Also we only can give away 200 free downloads a month, so you may want to get your ASAP.)

4. It will ask for an email address, place one there for them to mail you your download link.

5. Listen and Share with friends!!

That is it!

Also we have 2 new covers on at this moment, so you should go check it out, as one is YOUR PICK of a cover, and the other is a tribute of a great inspiration of mine James Lynn Strait of Snot!! I hope to hear from you. A new Diary entry will be up by the end of the month, Take care!! And look out on the Facebook, for the voter's choice poll for the next cover coming soon!