Sunday, August 12, 2012

Filming Finished- Music & AUDITIONS!!!

What's up everyone!!

So the newest update. WE FINISHED was quite hard, but the whole cast was phenominal in their roles. NOW its just to the editing board. This is going to be a little bit of time as we had to change the script around some to accomodate the overrage in time, but it will still own! We seriously can't wait to show you!!! As for now this is what you get, the first short film poster for the film!!! Feel free to share and spread the word!!

Secondly, and importantly!!! The MUSIC!!! We just got our first test track back from the new engineer working with us, and I have to tell you...TEARS people TEARS!!! It sounds SO good....SO EPIC!!! I guarantee, when you all hear this, you will feel something for the world that you never felt before. I cannot WAIT for these upcoming months, so if you like what we're about, spread the word heavily!!! I know I said we would have an update on YouTube this past week, but due to filming delays we have not been able to post the update. But we gua-ran-tee it will be up in 2 weeks!! Along with the voter's choice cover!

Lastly, now that everything is coming together, we will be starting to look for members in the upcoming months. If you are wanting to play out, want to be paid to learn and play music, and have a drive to rise, then I will tell you now what I will be auditioning in Denver, CO. for::

-Lead Guitar
-Rhythm Guitar
-Media Specialist

If you are interested in this, please "like" us on facebook, and wait for the member audition call to contact us to set up an audition. Telling you now, this will not be for at LEAST another 2-3 months, but I wanted to give you all a heads up to prepare. A great memory and quick learning is definitely needed , if you dont have great gear dont worry your gear will be supplied for you. All you would have to do at that time is SHOW UP and LEARN.

Well that is it...keep checking back!! and as I said 2 weeks for the update on YouTube!! Good things Good things!!

-H (Hailen's Personal) (Fan Update site)

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