Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Upcoming Novel

Well now,

This is not a "surprise" as I believe I has talked about this before. Aetherfallen is not only a musical project, its a concept, a story. And what better to explain a story, than with a book! Yes I am going to attempt the "impossible" lol, and write a book! I dont like announcing this type of thing because it seems a little premature. Hence the reason I said ATTEMPT, lol. But none the less, I have been writing for years now poetry and such, and this whole idea, this whole world is locked in my head and need to come out. These characters, some of which you will meet in the upcoming video, are just waiting for their chance to shine. The plan is that this novel will explain in depth the storylines of albums 1(Revelation's Eternal) and 2. And yes we have the concept(s) for album 2 already in progress. It in my opinion will be a challenge. A rather large project to fine tune and adhere to. I want to look at the glass half full, only when it comes to me and this I want to look at my world on my dying day I say I completed something. I hope others join me on this journey, but I dont know. It, to me, is something I look forward to. Not very many see everything in the same way I do so hopefully you will like what I offer. As it stands the project should take 2-3 years. So here's our fingers crossed to being on time right? I wanted to share it with you because all honesty  this will possibly be my immortality. What do I mean? I will not be remembered in years to come, if they do come. This book maybe will be something people pass on in the generations. There are so many good books out there though, just like with music, so much to choose from. So I will leave you with this I hope you all follow me on this journey!! And I hope it is as exciting for you to read as it is for me writing it.  Sorry, that is all I have for now...I am in a very weird mood tonight...ttyl.


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