Friday, July 13, 2012

Music Update: Art, Music Video, Album, etc...


As you all know a specific producer/engineer was supposed to mix the music for the single. Well what recently has happened is he took a look at the project, and due to the precision care needed to tune the project, he (after 3-4 weeks of having the project, stalling, and about $80 later...grrr) decided not to take on the project. This saddens me because not only did I look forward to having this guy work on my music, as he is one of my fav producers, but also because yet again an "idol", someone I looked up to, kind of just gave up on me. Nothing I can do but trail on right? I will also say I do feel somewhat flattered though that a "big named" producer felt overwhelemed by my project. If he saw this he would probably come up with some kind of off colour excuse, on WHY he thinks he couldn't get done. Some people know who I was going through, but just in case you dont, I wont repeat his name in fear of some sort of negative impact on his business. So, I have had to go in search of a new engineer, I had a few in mind, but one in particular in which I wanted to pass it by first. And so I have...and he has agreed to take this on. Now just in case he decides to back out as well, I will not list his name for the same reasons I didn't the first engineer. My music is my baby, it may not sound like all that to everyone, but after 4 years of writing it, believe looking after it like a dog with a bone. I will keep everyone updated on the progress.

Music Video:
We have great news on this front.....all actors are casted...wait..... minus one...dont worry we will get the 1 back soon, lol. These are great actors/actresses, and personally, I believe they will bring out a new life to the imaginative concept of the video. Something quite neat about the video too...its coming in 2 forms: Audio/Visual Mode and Story Mode!! For those of you that are like "huh?!" I will explain at a later date...but dont worry its simple. Aetherfallen is not only a music project...its a concept...a story...and it will own...period. Stay tuned please....

Album Art:
This was a long drawn out process, believe me...but we have FINALLY narrowed it down, and have selected a GREAT artist to illustrate the dream-like world of Aetherfallen's story. I was searching for quite the specific style of artistry, and he, along with a few others that were willing to assist had some great art styles, but this guy was definitely one of the best fits for what I want to depict! His name is Alonzo Emata you can check out is previous works here::

Did you know we have a youtube channel? Please feel free to subscribe, we need as many people as possible to spread the word!

We should be having an update on there in the next week or so...and more covers, so again keep checking in!!

I believe that should be it...LOL Like the facebook if you havent already, and I will talk to everyone very soon!!


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