Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life Expectantcy

I want to make it better, I wish it was better, but I can't. You see im just as hurt as all of you....about the state of our world...our union. It hurts that I crave things I shouldn't, that I want...just to feel secure about things like my health, and a place to rest, when these are necessities for life, as we know it today at least. That love is faux, and hearts, no longer can be broken...they just are. A LOT of people would read this and think negatively, but dont, this is not pessimistic this is reality. A realtist looks at the median in which the "balancer" lies. I shake in fear and anger at the world we've created. I read a post recently that stated, "make sure you make them laugh when you speak the truth...or they will kill you" and I believe it. The truth is no more, sanity is no more, logic, and realism, no more. We had so much, in our grasp. Can you remember growing up, and seeing things for the first time? A butterfly? The beach? Sunrise? We dont have that anymore do we? That feeling, that amazement. What has changed? Do not all of these things still exist? We have changed, humanity has changed....our principles and priorities, unfortunately, have changed. Scary to think that our perspective has switched so drastically. I dont want to make this seem like "they" are the ones that put this on us. "They" being whoever in YOUR mind did this to us as a whole. The devil can only whisper into you're ear, we are the ones who make the decisions we do. Why? I have lost sight of that years ago. I know why I do the things I do, but there are seriously countless reasons on why people do what they do. Some chalk up to "living life to the fullest", and those of you that know me, know that I hate this excuse the most, along with "you only live life once". No matter your belief system, it is absolutely foolish for you to believe that you can do what you want, when you want, simply because you have one life to live, or whatever else you may dredge out of your mind. Do you know the definition of a whisper? Whisper: To speak with soft, hushed sounds, using the breath, lips, etc., but with no vibration of the vocal cords. Look at that definition. That's all a demon or devil has to do to us, and we listen and choose to walk the path it lays down for us. Now I just want you to know, when I say demons or devil, I do not mean that of hell, winged and dark, although the description is still that either way. Demons and devils are evil ways, wrong doings and paths, things that do not benefit the will of anything, and most of the time deplete the will of something else. We as humans usually choose this way due to the fact that its usually....easier. Take drinking alcohol for example. In moderation, yes it would be fine, even red wine helps digest food. But we rarely stop there don't we, we keep going and going until......either we kill someone else, or ourselves. "Kill" is another word that people dont absorb correctly. Kill has multiple definitions: 1. to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death of; slay. 2. to destroy; do away with; extinguish 3. to destroy or neutralize the active qualities of. In all 3 definitions did you see a time limit? A time frame in which the destruction of said object needed to happen within, to be defined as..."killed"? didn't. Meaning killing someone, or yourself can be slow...painful or painless. It can also be, unbeknowingst to you, which it is to most. Here's a definition of "Kill" that I did not list.  4. to spoil the effect of. That is more like it......that is way more to our essence. Decisions, are quick...and we are forced to make them, which in the haste we forget to see if this decision could potentially harm us...or even kill us. What people confuse the word "decisions" "choices", and that is what the demons truly want. See the difference in a decision and a choice is simple...length. Decisions as I said are usually made quickly. They occur when something is considered a "no-brainer", or when a person feels the "choice" is of no importance or consequence to them. In other words, a decision is deemed meaningless in the grand scheme of today. A choice on the other hand, is something that lasts, its something impactual in ones systematic expectancy of their life. In other words meaning...of importance. Due to our fast paced life styles, forced upon our own "desires" and or "needs" for quick and easy ways , we confuse these two, and make decisions...where we should make choices and vice versa. This does not seem like such a big deal, but it governs not only your life, but the lives of everyone that your ripple effect will touch. (the Ripple effect is another discussion coming up later). Let's say it like this, let's say a puppy was in a burning building, would you go into save it? Watch what just happen to yourself as you read that line. At that point some of you have already made a decision havent you. Right know if you will or will not save that puppy. That was a sentence. You had no pressure, you dont know me, and I am not forcing you to make the just did. What if you were under pressure? Now I want you to do something else, read the sentence over, but mentally, replace the word "puppy", with "baby". Let me tell you what just happened to some of you again, you did the EXACT same thing. You already had it in your mind whether or not you will save that baby or not. Some of you actually questioned the situation in either or both scenarios, and that is a good sign. The reason I bring this up, is because whether a baby or a puppy, it is life, and you should think before you do, no matter the situation. I know that sounds harsh, because you are saying "there is no time to think in that type of situation". Wrong. There is always time to think, the part you are missing is, did I ever should think of it at the time of the occurence? No. You should always be thinking of others' life, so in that way, when the choice of loss arises you will know what to do. Why do you think firefighters tell people stay back...because people will make what? Rash DECISIONS in the heat of fear. And we do not only do this within our lives, but with a lot of things that we, now, have just thrown to the side, just because...of whatever "reasons" you may have. Some say "thinking all the time is too hard", some say, "I dont have time to think", some....just dont think period, they "live". Life with no thought is not "living", its "existing", and does more damage than good most of the time, due to the rippling effect your life has on other living entities. But we as humanity are way past that point arent we? We dont even think about, how beautiful a butterfly is anymore, let alone life. Imagine if we can't embrace such intricate, yet simplistic beauty in our world......what have we truly killed? And through the ripple effect, what will happen in relation? In a simple and sad view, one word, today. This is the realism. And until the balance has shifted back to neutral or will continue. Until we decipher our thoughts, our true wants from our true needs, our choices from our decisions, our will from our greed, our love from our lust, we are bound to kill...everything.

Thank you for your time

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