Sunday, June 17, 2012

The New Wave of Sickness...

I personally have to say I am quite disgusted at the industry at this time. And it does not stop at media at all. NO...this flows down to the baseline, underground, not signed level of artistry. I have noticed, for the past few years actually, the degradaation of the "willing to assist" effect. Can you remember, when we could advertise on myspace, pass out flyers in front of a venue, trust that a venue would pay you for actually completing a great show with a great turnout. Key word, can you REMEMBER. This is no longer the case. Venues sometimes try to rip TOURING non-signed bands off, by stating "you didn't pull" Of course they didn't pull...they are on tour and are counting on your venue to get some more listeners, not the other way around. Then, venues stopping people from advertising local artists in front or in their venues. I understand the logic here, they dont want you promoting another bar in their venue. This hurts all, when a city is recycling the same bands though. Now, facebook is basically doing everything in their power to make you pay THEM to help you promote your music. Personally, I would rather not be heard, than give Zuckerburg another cent. I was fine with the initial build, as artist un-friendly as it was. I worked with it, and so did a lot of other artists, but now...its built by the money-havers for the money-havers, in other words...the greedy. Where we hurt the most though is within our own fellowship(some lord of the rings stuff Local artists, acting high and mighty, cause they party harder than other bands, and can bring more people to a show...blah blah blah, we are all trying. We all want to live the dream, but yes your music might be more listener friendly, thank you for rubbing our nose in....wait....what are you rubbing our nose in...cause your here with me. When I refer to local btw, I am refering to underground artists in every state. How easy is it to share a post? How easy is it to tell a friend..."Hey, you should check these guys out"? The answer...VERY easy! Yet no one does it....for fear of ruining their rep? Or maybe fearful that the band they help might get signed and they wont. I cannot fathom this. And dont even get me started on dedication or work ethic. Most artists dont truly try. They cop it to "well I really love it and its just what I want to do, but I dont need to...." If this sentence started like this...shut up! I have been dooing this for 9-10  years, and I will tell hurts, the whole scenario hurts. This is NOT a business where you can most likely do EVERYTHING on your own, You need to know people. There was a time where you could "be that damn good" but that era is LONG over. Crap like Kanye West, and Lil Wayne..are making it to charts with out a SHRED of true musical ability (imo), all because, they know people, and we cannot band together and look at the scene as a whole. Do you realize if we ALL help each other as artists, we wouldnt need investors...or record deals, or any of that. But this is a dream, that will never be.

Now as for how this pertains to Aetherfallen. I am sad to report, that the engineer that took on this project, has decided not to go through with it, because its "too much". What do I mean by that? There were detailed instructions on what I wanted this music to sound like. APPARENTLY, not by their exact words, but by their sarcasm, I was just expected to give them my music and let him mix it however they wants and love the end result. In other words, they can chew my food up, and I must still eat it. UH NO..I have spent literally 3-4 years of my life writing this album, and it means everything to me.....I WILL NOT just "be happy" with what you give me. I am paying you, to do a job to my standards, and well, I guess my standards are too high. So I am in the market for another mixing engineer that's actually dedicated to understanding the artists' needs(or just mine, lol). I might just default to mixing it myself. I will keep you all posted.

Just a side something or another, I am going to start writing my book soon (few months) on HERE. dealing with the concept of the band and album. Probably do it a story at a time or a chapter or something. This, for me, is going to be phenominal! I can wait to put my vision on paper...but good luck to me trying to get someone to "share" it huh? LOL This summer is going to be rough!but what are you going to do...have to at least try and achieve the dream....ttyl cyas!