Sunday, December 16, 2012

Momentous: The Film (synopisis)

"Karen's Breakdown" from Momentous: The Film

A young girl named Karen seeks mental refuge in a church, due to a situation she has been enduring since as far back as she can recall. She has "delusions", at least that's what doctors have always called them, even though she never felt she was sick as a child. However, throughout the years of growing up, medications had been given , therapy and support groups had been tried, as well as other drastic options to attempt to relieve the turmoil, but nothing seemed to quell the sights or sounds haunting her. Constantly being referred to as "sick" and  told "it's in your head", that finally, at a point in her life, she came to believe it for the most part. As a last resort, Karen decides to a visit a place from a childhood memory, where she remembers a time of solace in which she believed in herself. A church, and it is here, that she will learn her destiny.....that sometimes, despair can mean so much more....
                                        Momentous: The Film
                                 Premieres on YouTube on Dec. 21, 2012

                                 :::::And Check our Official Trailer!:::::

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Anime MV Contest

What's up!!

So those that know me know I am a very large fan of ANIME!! As I am so obsessed, I love to watch anime music videos, cause it shows people's interpretation for a story of a song, or of a character, or of an anime. If there is anything I love almost as much as anime, is Jennifer Anniston...wait...that's not right..LOL, is people's display of reality through passion and imagination. That is actually what Aetherfallen is all about. SOOO, what we have decided to do is have a contest on who can create and sync up the greatest, most epic, most emotional, most...(I have nothing else)...nicest (really?!)...Anime music videos to one our newest songs. What song you ask? Well stop here and read the previous 1yr Anniversary blog.....(afterwards) Yes that's right you are going to be making an anime music video for our new song, to be released on DECEMBER 21st!!  Here are the details::

For the next 2 weeks we will be accepting registration. All ages can participate! To apply send an email to:
Please include the following (just copy and paste if you like):

Subject line must read- "AMV Application"

Your Legal Name

Your Age

Favorite Anime and Why

Your Email Address

How you heard about the contest

Please Note: For this contest to take place we need AT LEAST 20 participants, so tell everyone!!

There will be 2 winners And YES there are PRIZES!! :

1.Aetherfallen Choice Winner- Prize: Your choice of an Anime Movie or Season up to a $50 value!! (must be anime, sorry)

This will be my personal pick. Here's a hint, I love power ups, magical spells, and emotional animes!!

2.Voters Choice Winner- Prize:$100 dollar Visa gift card, that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted! 

We will have a vote at a designated web location (either facebook, or somewhere else which will be released in due time) where you can tell ALL your friends and family to come vote for you!! The most votes wins!!

So there you have it!! 2 chances to win!! Tell everyone, cause this cannot start until we receive 20 accepted applicants. When you apply please allow 48 hrs for a response regarding your acceptance into the contest and futher instructions. Each application will count as one person's entry. YOU CAN ONLY APPLY ONCE!! Any foul-play (fake multiple entries, cyber bullying, belittling of another's video, etc) will result in a disqualification. Play nice and fair or dont play at all!!

         And that's it let the games begin any questions write us on any of our social sites listed below!!
                                                           Good luck to ALL OF YOU!!!


1yr Anniversary: Where We Are

Hey Everyone!

The Bad News
So its been a while since I gave you all a proper update. First off let me say the responses as of late are phenominal! Thank you all so much for the well wishes and heart-filled compliments, it means more than you know! Well so first for the bad news right? As you all are here and now you have probably seen the update on our you tube. Due to a few discrepancies, we unfortunately have to post pone our album relase, until next year. It hurts to have to tell you this, cause we had a big blowout thing..for December's release, as you know its the prophecy of the end of the world. But we do have to post pone it though. And from what we are seeing the new approximate month should be March. I am not one for going back on words, so this whole ordeal is irritating. I humbly apologize for this large delay, BUT it definitely is for the best! I guarantee to keep you all up dated as soon as I know.

Next- The Good News
Although we have to push the release of the album back, we however did NOT push the release of our short film "Momentous" back. In fact, we have an exact date for this, and it IS DECEMBER 21st!! There has been some slight changes to this great release though. This short film was supposed to be the music video for the song "Momentous" this will no longer be the case. As all of you know this project is, and always will be, an AUDIO-VISUAL project. So even though music is at its core, this story can come from any aspect, whether it be a movie, short film, music, book, pictures, ANYTHING. Momentous: The Short Film,  is going to be a part of this story still, and still has to do with the portion of the story that the actual song has to do with, but with detail to portraying the elements of the characters themself. What does this mean?....we didnt want to make this a music video and cut out all the good parts that make this short film This Short film will be hosted on our Youtube channel, unless something changes. Stay in-touch as I would definitely let you know IF something changes. I cannot WAIT until the 21st to show you this piece of work, of course that is...if the world does not end.

In light of the album push back, a few things are going to be taking its place in time. One, of course as mentioned before, is the short film. But something else is happening that day that I believe a lot of you will be as happy as I about. Want to guess? probably guessed it....a new song!!! Thats right on Dec 21st a new song RIGHT OFF of our debut album Revelation's Eternal will debut! This song will NOT be avaiable for download though, it will only be available on the album itself! We will be announcing the title of this song at a later date, namely 2 weeks! SO make sure you are hooked up to us via a social site (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc) so you can keep up to date with what's going on! Along with this song we have a contest where you can actually win money and it starts right NOW! If you want more info on this, check the following blog entry entitled Anime MV Contest! a lot at once huh?!?! That should be it until next time!! Keep in touch!! Meowsers, cyas!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Download "Within the Last Breath" for FREE!!!

SO some questions have come in about how to download our EP for free?!? Well::

1. Go To

2. Click "Buy Now" or "Digital Album"

3. When it asks: "How much are you willing to pay" you can place "0" here. (If you can though, donate any funds towards the music that would be greatly appreciated, as music isn't free. Also we only can give away 200 free downloads a month, so you may want to get your ASAP.)

4. It will ask for an email address, place one there for them to mail you your download link.

5. Listen and Share with friends!!

That is it!

Also we have 2 new covers on at this moment, so you should go check it out, as one is YOUR PICK of a cover, and the other is a tribute of a great inspiration of mine James Lynn Strait of Snot!! I hope to hear from you. A new Diary entry will be up by the end of the month, Take care!! And look out on the Facebook, for the voter's choice poll for the next cover coming soon!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

'Momentous' Released, but More to Come?

Well, at this point Momentous (audio not video!) has been released, and we cant wait to show you the rest of the album! We do have to wait though, and get everyting( <--this is spelled correctly for the occasion..LOL) perfect. Good things come to all who wait right?! So please stick with us as we push as much as possible to get the album out as planned. Behind the scenes everything has been going very well with this engineer so I feel I can tell you his name without jynxing anything, lol. Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation, etc) at Flatline Audio has agreed to take on the project, and is responsible for the mixing and mastering of all the songs on the album including Momentous. I know a few people are like " isnt he a death/heavy metal mixing engineer?" I will tell you, he did wonders with my recordings, and seems to know exactly the vision of style in which this music should be laid across the masses' ears.

Also we have a surprise for you. 1 week from today...we will be releasing 1 more song entitled "I, Alone" onto facebook! Something to sink your teeth into, lol. And when you think we're done, that still is not it!! In 2 weeks, we are going to actually have a 4 song EP entitled "Within The Last Breath", which will include the 2 recently released songs from the album, "That Which Should Never Be" the instrumental film score/new age song currently available for listening at any of our social sites, and a song......that will not even BE on Revelation's Eternal. In other words, the only way to get this song....will be ON THIS EP!! I know you're wondering how much this will be. ABSOLUTELY FREE!  That's right you will be able to just go download...and listen, thats it. "What's the catch?" The download link will ONLY be available on our YouTube channel. This does not mean that you have to have a you tube acct to download it. It simply means you will have to run across valleys, skip across mountains, stop at taco bell for a nacho bellgrande, and go to our YouTube channel to download free that too hard?!?! NO!! So no complaining!!No excuses!! Hope to see you in a week! Thanks for the support, Roma Victor!!! (im in a 'Gladiator' mood HA!) TTYL....


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Filming Finished- Music & AUDITIONS!!!

What's up everyone!!

So the newest update. WE FINISHED was quite hard, but the whole cast was phenominal in their roles. NOW its just to the editing board. This is going to be a little bit of time as we had to change the script around some to accomodate the overrage in time, but it will still own! We seriously can't wait to show you!!! As for now this is what you get, the first short film poster for the film!!! Feel free to share and spread the word!!

Secondly, and importantly!!! The MUSIC!!! We just got our first test track back from the new engineer working with us, and I have to tell you...TEARS people TEARS!!! It sounds SO good....SO EPIC!!! I guarantee, when you all hear this, you will feel something for the world that you never felt before. I cannot WAIT for these upcoming months, so if you like what we're about, spread the word heavily!!! I know I said we would have an update on YouTube this past week, but due to filming delays we have not been able to post the update. But we gua-ran-tee it will be up in 2 weeks!! Along with the voter's choice cover!

Lastly, now that everything is coming together, we will be starting to look for members in the upcoming months. If you are wanting to play out, want to be paid to learn and play music, and have a drive to rise, then I will tell you now what I will be auditioning in Denver, CO. for::

-Lead Guitar
-Rhythm Guitar
-Media Specialist

If you are interested in this, please "like" us on facebook, and wait for the member audition call to contact us to set up an audition. Telling you now, this will not be for at LEAST another 2-3 months, but I wanted to give you all a heads up to prepare. A great memory and quick learning is definitely needed , if you dont have great gear dont worry your gear will be supplied for you. All you would have to do at that time is SHOW UP and LEARN.

Well that is it...keep checking back!! and as I said 2 weeks for the update on YouTube!! Good things Good things!!

-H (Hailen's Personal) (Fan Update site)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Debut Album/ Momentous Release details!!!

OH MY!! We have reached a small milestone we have hit the 500 like mark on FB!! I know...thats not a lot, but it is to us, as we promised our fallen brothers and sisters something. We stated that once we hit 500 we would release our first single, Momentous...and so in 1 month, we shall! The wait is ALMOST over...and even BIGGER news....we have a month set for our Debut Album Release!! You want to know the exact date? have to wait for the YouTube update coming out in a weeks time! The address is down below. Share the picture with friends family...its almost here.... Thanks for the support, hope to hear from you!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Upcoming Novel

Well now,

This is not a "surprise" as I believe I has talked about this before. Aetherfallen is not only a musical project, its a concept, a story. And what better to explain a story, than with a book! Yes I am going to attempt the "impossible" lol, and write a book! I dont like announcing this type of thing because it seems a little premature. Hence the reason I said ATTEMPT, lol. But none the less, I have been writing for years now poetry and such, and this whole idea, this whole world is locked in my head and need to come out. These characters, some of which you will meet in the upcoming video, are just waiting for their chance to shine. The plan is that this novel will explain in depth the storylines of albums 1(Revelation's Eternal) and 2. And yes we have the concept(s) for album 2 already in progress. It in my opinion will be a challenge. A rather large project to fine tune and adhere to. I want to look at the glass half full, only when it comes to me and this I want to look at my world on my dying day I say I completed something. I hope others join me on this journey, but I dont know. It, to me, is something I look forward to. Not very many see everything in the same way I do so hopefully you will like what I offer. As it stands the project should take 2-3 years. So here's our fingers crossed to being on time right? I wanted to share it with you because all honesty  this will possibly be my immortality. What do I mean? I will not be remembered in years to come, if they do come. This book maybe will be something people pass on in the generations. There are so many good books out there though, just like with music, so much to choose from. So I will leave you with this I hope you all follow me on this journey!! And I hope it is as exciting for you to read as it is for me writing it.  Sorry, that is all I have for now...I am in a very weird mood tonight...ttyl.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Music Update: Art, Music Video, Album, etc...


As you all know a specific producer/engineer was supposed to mix the music for the single. Well what recently has happened is he took a look at the project, and due to the precision care needed to tune the project, he (after 3-4 weeks of having the project, stalling, and about $80 later...grrr) decided not to take on the project. This saddens me because not only did I look forward to having this guy work on my music, as he is one of my fav producers, but also because yet again an "idol", someone I looked up to, kind of just gave up on me. Nothing I can do but trail on right? I will also say I do feel somewhat flattered though that a "big named" producer felt overwhelemed by my project. If he saw this he would probably come up with some kind of off colour excuse, on WHY he thinks he couldn't get done. Some people know who I was going through, but just in case you dont, I wont repeat his name in fear of some sort of negative impact on his business. So, I have had to go in search of a new engineer, I had a few in mind, but one in particular in which I wanted to pass it by first. And so I have...and he has agreed to take this on. Now just in case he decides to back out as well, I will not list his name for the same reasons I didn't the first engineer. My music is my baby, it may not sound like all that to everyone, but after 4 years of writing it, believe looking after it like a dog with a bone. I will keep everyone updated on the progress.

Music Video:
We have great news on this front.....all actors are casted...wait..... minus one...dont worry we will get the 1 back soon, lol. These are great actors/actresses, and personally, I believe they will bring out a new life to the imaginative concept of the video. Something quite neat about the video too...its coming in 2 forms: Audio/Visual Mode and Story Mode!! For those of you that are like "huh?!" I will explain at a later date...but dont worry its simple. Aetherfallen is not only a music project...its a concept...a story...and it will own...period. Stay tuned please....

Album Art:
This was a long drawn out process, believe me...but we have FINALLY narrowed it down, and have selected a GREAT artist to illustrate the dream-like world of Aetherfallen's story. I was searching for quite the specific style of artistry, and he, along with a few others that were willing to assist had some great art styles, but this guy was definitely one of the best fits for what I want to depict! His name is Alonzo Emata you can check out is previous works here::

Did you know we have a youtube channel? Please feel free to subscribe, we need as many people as possible to spread the word!

We should be having an update on there in the next week or so...and more covers, so again keep checking in!!

I believe that should be it...LOL Like the facebook if you havent already, and I will talk to everyone very soon!!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life Expectantcy

I want to make it better, I wish it was better, but I can't. You see im just as hurt as all of you....about the state of our world...our union. It hurts that I crave things I shouldn't, that I want...just to feel secure about things like my health, and a place to rest, when these are necessities for life, as we know it today at least. That love is faux, and hearts, no longer can be broken...they just are. A LOT of people would read this and think negatively, but dont, this is not pessimistic this is reality. A realtist looks at the median in which the "balancer" lies. I shake in fear and anger at the world we've created. I read a post recently that stated, "make sure you make them laugh when you speak the truth...or they will kill you" and I believe it. The truth is no more, sanity is no more, logic, and realism, no more. We had so much, in our grasp. Can you remember growing up, and seeing things for the first time? A butterfly? The beach? Sunrise? We dont have that anymore do we? That feeling, that amazement. What has changed? Do not all of these things still exist? We have changed, humanity has changed....our principles and priorities, unfortunately, have changed. Scary to think that our perspective has switched so drastically. I dont want to make this seem like "they" are the ones that put this on us. "They" being whoever in YOUR mind did this to us as a whole. The devil can only whisper into you're ear, we are the ones who make the decisions we do. Why? I have lost sight of that years ago. I know why I do the things I do, but there are seriously countless reasons on why people do what they do. Some chalk up to "living life to the fullest", and those of you that know me, know that I hate this excuse the most, along with "you only live life once". No matter your belief system, it is absolutely foolish for you to believe that you can do what you want, when you want, simply because you have one life to live, or whatever else you may dredge out of your mind. Do you know the definition of a whisper? Whisper: To speak with soft, hushed sounds, using the breath, lips, etc., but with no vibration of the vocal cords. Look at that definition. That's all a demon or devil has to do to us, and we listen and choose to walk the path it lays down for us. Now I just want you to know, when I say demons or devil, I do not mean that of hell, winged and dark, although the description is still that either way. Demons and devils are evil ways, wrong doings and paths, things that do not benefit the will of anything, and most of the time deplete the will of something else. We as humans usually choose this way due to the fact that its usually....easier. Take drinking alcohol for example. In moderation, yes it would be fine, even red wine helps digest food. But we rarely stop there don't we, we keep going and going until......either we kill someone else, or ourselves. "Kill" is another word that people dont absorb correctly. Kill has multiple definitions: 1. to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death of; slay. 2. to destroy; do away with; extinguish 3. to destroy or neutralize the active qualities of. In all 3 definitions did you see a time limit? A time frame in which the destruction of said object needed to happen within, to be defined as..."killed"? didn't. Meaning killing someone, or yourself can be slow...painful or painless. It can also be, unbeknowingst to you, which it is to most. Here's a definition of "Kill" that I did not list.  4. to spoil the effect of. That is more like it......that is way more to our essence. Decisions, are quick...and we are forced to make them, which in the haste we forget to see if this decision could potentially harm us...or even kill us. What people confuse the word "decisions" "choices", and that is what the demons truly want. See the difference in a decision and a choice is simple...length. Decisions as I said are usually made quickly. They occur when something is considered a "no-brainer", or when a person feels the "choice" is of no importance or consequence to them. In other words, a decision is deemed meaningless in the grand scheme of today. A choice on the other hand, is something that lasts, its something impactual in ones systematic expectancy of their life. In other words meaning...of importance. Due to our fast paced life styles, forced upon our own "desires" and or "needs" for quick and easy ways , we confuse these two, and make decisions...where we should make choices and vice versa. This does not seem like such a big deal, but it governs not only your life, but the lives of everyone that your ripple effect will touch. (the Ripple effect is another discussion coming up later). Let's say it like this, let's say a puppy was in a burning building, would you go into save it? Watch what just happen to yourself as you read that line. At that point some of you have already made a decision havent you. Right know if you will or will not save that puppy. That was a sentence. You had no pressure, you dont know me, and I am not forcing you to make the just did. What if you were under pressure? Now I want you to do something else, read the sentence over, but mentally, replace the word "puppy", with "baby". Let me tell you what just happened to some of you again, you did the EXACT same thing. You already had it in your mind whether or not you will save that baby or not. Some of you actually questioned the situation in either or both scenarios, and that is a good sign. The reason I bring this up, is because whether a baby or a puppy, it is life, and you should think before you do, no matter the situation. I know that sounds harsh, because you are saying "there is no time to think in that type of situation". Wrong. There is always time to think, the part you are missing is, did I ever should think of it at the time of the occurence? No. You should always be thinking of others' life, so in that way, when the choice of loss arises you will know what to do. Why do you think firefighters tell people stay back...because people will make what? Rash DECISIONS in the heat of fear. And we do not only do this within our lives, but with a lot of things that we, now, have just thrown to the side, just because...of whatever "reasons" you may have. Some say "thinking all the time is too hard", some say, "I dont have time to think", some....just dont think period, they "live". Life with no thought is not "living", its "existing", and does more damage than good most of the time, due to the rippling effect your life has on other living entities. But we as humanity are way past that point arent we? We dont even think about, how beautiful a butterfly is anymore, let alone life. Imagine if we can't embrace such intricate, yet simplistic beauty in our world......what have we truly killed? And through the ripple effect, what will happen in relation? In a simple and sad view, one word, today. This is the realism. And until the balance has shifted back to neutral or will continue. Until we decipher our thoughts, our true wants from our true needs, our choices from our decisions, our will from our greed, our love from our lust, we are bound to kill...everything.

Thank you for your time

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The New Wave of Sickness...

I personally have to say I am quite disgusted at the industry at this time. And it does not stop at media at all. NO...this flows down to the baseline, underground, not signed level of artistry. I have noticed, for the past few years actually, the degradaation of the "willing to assist" effect. Can you remember, when we could advertise on myspace, pass out flyers in front of a venue, trust that a venue would pay you for actually completing a great show with a great turnout. Key word, can you REMEMBER. This is no longer the case. Venues sometimes try to rip TOURING non-signed bands off, by stating "you didn't pull" Of course they didn't pull...they are on tour and are counting on your venue to get some more listeners, not the other way around. Then, venues stopping people from advertising local artists in front or in their venues. I understand the logic here, they dont want you promoting another bar in their venue. This hurts all, when a city is recycling the same bands though. Now, facebook is basically doing everything in their power to make you pay THEM to help you promote your music. Personally, I would rather not be heard, than give Zuckerburg another cent. I was fine with the initial build, as artist un-friendly as it was. I worked with it, and so did a lot of other artists, but now...its built by the money-havers for the money-havers, in other words...the greedy. Where we hurt the most though is within our own fellowship(some lord of the rings stuff Local artists, acting high and mighty, cause they party harder than other bands, and can bring more people to a show...blah blah blah, we are all trying. We all want to live the dream, but yes your music might be more listener friendly, thank you for rubbing our nose in....wait....what are you rubbing our nose in...cause your here with me. When I refer to local btw, I am refering to underground artists in every state. How easy is it to share a post? How easy is it to tell a friend..."Hey, you should check these guys out"? The answer...VERY easy! Yet no one does it....for fear of ruining their rep? Or maybe fearful that the band they help might get signed and they wont. I cannot fathom this. And dont even get me started on dedication or work ethic. Most artists dont truly try. They cop it to "well I really love it and its just what I want to do, but I dont need to...." If this sentence started like this...shut up! I have been dooing this for 9-10  years, and I will tell hurts, the whole scenario hurts. This is NOT a business where you can most likely do EVERYTHING on your own, You need to know people. There was a time where you could "be that damn good" but that era is LONG over. Crap like Kanye West, and Lil Wayne..are making it to charts with out a SHRED of true musical ability (imo), all because, they know people, and we cannot band together and look at the scene as a whole. Do you realize if we ALL help each other as artists, we wouldnt need investors...or record deals, or any of that. But this is a dream, that will never be.

Now as for how this pertains to Aetherfallen. I am sad to report, that the engineer that took on this project, has decided not to go through with it, because its "too much". What do I mean by that? There were detailed instructions on what I wanted this music to sound like. APPARENTLY, not by their exact words, but by their sarcasm, I was just expected to give them my music and let him mix it however they wants and love the end result. In other words, they can chew my food up, and I must still eat it. UH NO..I have spent literally 3-4 years of my life writing this album, and it means everything to me.....I WILL NOT just "be happy" with what you give me. I am paying you, to do a job to my standards, and well, I guess my standards are too high. So I am in the market for another mixing engineer that's actually dedicated to understanding the artists' needs(or just mine, lol). I might just default to mixing it myself. I will keep you all posted.

Just a side something or another, I am going to start writing my book soon (few months) on HERE. dealing with the concept of the band and album. Probably do it a story at a time or a chapter or something. This, for me, is going to be phenominal! I can wait to put my vision on paper...but good luck to me trying to get someone to "share" it huh? LOL This summer is going to be rough!but what are you going to do...have to at least try and achieve the dream....ttyl cyas!